Custom paintings provide a unique and priceless way to capture a memory, a moment or an experience in a medium that endures and increases in value over time.  What starts as a favorite place, family member or pet becomes a profound interpretation of a time or place in your life that perhaps has passed and cannot be revisited.  A commissioned painting is a way to forever stay in that moment in a medium that stays forever true.

Peter will paint a one-of-a-kind custom original by working closely with you to create exactly what you want.   The artist does need good reference materials (quality photographs) to work from to create your custom piece of art.   If photos are not available sketches can be emailed back and forth until the idea is drawn to your specifications.   He has also gone on location to work.  Below are more details.

Below are samples of the wide variety of commission work the artist has done.  If your are interested in having a piece of artwork created specifically for you please email pmathios@comcast.net or call 541.812.0358.