Why own a Mathios original? His paintings bring enjoyment, satisfaction, inspiration and prestige into the lives of his collectors. With acrylic paint, Mathios creates memorable scenes of the natural world and his attention to detail, color and natural light bring his works to life. Owning a Mathios painting consistently reminds people of their passions and interests. Often times, people think of purchasing an original piece of art as something for the wealthy. Although it is true that when a person reaches a certain inancialstatus they feel they should begin to own original art, as you peruse these pages you will find originals of the highest quality in every price range. Enjoy your escape into the natural world!


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Dropping In-Teal

Original Acrylic Painting

Title: Dropping In-Teal

Size: 9”x12”

Price: $1400

A group of greenwing teal rocket their way into the open marsh on a clear, cool fall morning. The positioning of the birds hints at their erratic and speedy flight as the rich colors of dawn illuminate the marsh.

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