Limited Edition and Open Edition Prints are an affordable way to own a Mathios artwork. The difference between the two is that limited editions are limited to a specific number of prints and are hand signed and numbered by the artist. Open edition are not hand signed and the number available is unlimited. Offset lithography, the primary printing method used for Mathios prints, is a photographic printing technique that uses inks, carried by rubber rollers called printing blankets, to transfer images from metal plates to paper. The new canvas wrapped giclee prints are printed with millions of drops of ink onto canvas closely resembling original artwork.


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Ending Rain


Title: Ending Rain

Size: 33 1/2”x45 1/2“x1 1/2”

Price: $295 unframed

As a pool of water calms after a passing rain shower,the last drops of rain create a mesmerizing abstract pattern with the surrounding habitat. These canvases offer the character and texture of an original painting at a fraction of the cost. Beautiful giclée printing with fade-resistant inks on durable, high-quality canvas allows for breathtaking detail
true to the artists’ original painting.

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