About The Artist

Behind each of Peter’s paintings is inspiration that comes from past experiences. There has to be that breathtaking moment when everything comes together in a harmony that strikes the core of his soul in order for him to paint something. Moments like these usually stem from childhood memories and for Peter they originated from hunting ducks with his father and brother in the Suisun Marsh of Northern California. During this time, he really became interested in the different species of waterfowl and drew them religiously. During his free time, Peter even drew the wildlife photos that appeared in hunting magazines as well as fantastic hunting scenes he longed to experience.

From The Artist

“My passion, which started early in life, is creating paintings of wild animals in their natural habitat. For me the best part of being a professional artist is spending time in the field studying and observing birds and animals. We live in such an amazing world, I just want to soak in as much as possible and share it with others through my paintings.”- Peter Mathios

Awards1999-2011 ~ Oregon Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year2010 ~ Texas Ducks Stamp

2010 ~ Texas Non Game Stamp

2010 ~ Ducks Unlimited National Stamp

2009 ~ International Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year

2008 ~ Pheasants Forever National Art Package Selection

2006 ~ Michigan Duck Stamp

2005 ~ California Heritage Stamp

2002 ~ New Zealand Fish and Game Habitat Stamp